Switch CISCO SF350-24P-K9-EU

Thương hiệu: Cisco

  • Giá bán: 10,980,000  (Giá đã bao gồm VAT)
  • – 24 ports 10/100 PoE+ with 185W power budget + 2 Gigabit copper/SFP combo + 2 SFP ports.
    – Performance: Switching capacity 12.8 Gbps, Forwarding rate 9.52 mpps wire-speed performance.
    – Layer 2: Port grouping up to 8 groups, up to 8 ports per group with 16 candidate ports for each (dynamic) 802.3ad link aggregation.
    – Layer 3: IPv4 routing Wirespeed routing of IPv4 packets up to 1K static routes and up to 128 IP interfaces, Classless Interdomain Routing (CIDR) Support for CIDR.
    – PoE: Power Dedicated to PoE: 185 W, Number of Ports That Support PoE: 24.
    – QoS (Quality of Service): Priority levels 8 hardware queues, Scheduling Strict priority and weighted round-robin (WRR) Queue assignment based on DSCP and class of service (802.1p/CoS).
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